Sound Design  

Simon Greenberg was born and raised in Berkeley, California, before migrating south to earn his BFA in Dance: Choreography and Performance at California Institute of the Arts. Simon graduated in May of 2017 and is currently a dancer in the touring company of Diavolo: Architecture in Motion. During his time at CalArts he had the pleasure of dancing for Rosanna Gamson, Colin Connors, and Douglas Nielson, as well as performing with No(one Arthouse in the LA dance festival. When he wasn't dancing in the studios, he was creating music and design. He has edited music, and composed/produced original pieces for many students and faculty, including Julie Bour and Mallory Fabian. He is very excited to be premiering a new score for The Daedalus Project, and extremely appreciative to have been able to be a part of this beautiful project.