Daedalus' Daughter

photos: Rebecca Green

Daedalus' Daughter”, an original dance theatre piece,  is a retelling of the Icarus myth from the point of view of his sister, interwoven with a secret family history. This half-bird, half girl is an embodied metaphor, a symbolic way to talk about the madness and suicide that can run through generations of families.  So while this is an intimate story about one woman’s family, it speaks to countless others who have dealt with the pain and sorrow of mental illness in their own.  It is a story about the costs of keeping things hidden in shame and silence - yet ultimately it is about the hope and redemption that are possible when these secrets are acknowledged and claimed.  There is a powerful and healing magic when someone speaks their own truth, and realizes that they are not alone.

Told through movement and text, both poetic and prosaic,  this piece is a surreal, dream like journey through myth and memory.